Friday, March 4, 2016

first week of uni done. it was deceivingly chill with sleep ins and early finishes, but never again. next week begins the three 8am starts and 10pm finish. and 5th yr starting in January...but i'll think about it  when i make it. i really hope i make it. a supervisor came in today to talk about a technique, and she was so scary. didn't even have time to practice that today D= and it's pretty essential. should have just skipped the easier stuff....

so many components within an eye test that can easily be 'unsatisfactory' and immediate fail, or a lot of almost fails still equals failing the course.

only 2 hours of lecs this week, most lecs start in wk 2, which i don't like since it means they end in wk 13=cutting into my study time...

pandan and lychee cone-$4.00

it only looks bigger because this side of the cone it shorter...wished there was more pandan...the lychee tasted like really sweet lychee. it just melted too quickly this time ): i got it and it started dripping at the back. no time for ice cream from now on, so even though it's money spent, i need to savour this rare spare time.

quinoa and kale salad, grilled chicken salad-$7 (medium)

Missed my bus yday (and the day before as well), so it meant i couldn't wait until i got back home for lunch. everything in qvb is expensive, even though Zumbo has quiches for around $5 it's not healthy (and i still want to attempt it myself). so salad it was. rarely do i by salad outside home, but it's something which i can't make myself...the kale was really soft but not soggy and those currents were delicious. chicken not dry and looked creamy but actually felt healthy unlike normal dressings. their dressings are really well done-doesn't have that oily feeling or make you feel bloated. i understand why people buy salads instead of making it themselves...

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  1. I never quite know exactly what quinoa tastes like, haha. I've heard it described as 'nutty' but I always end up tasting everything else in the salad except the quinoa.