Saturday, March 19, 2016

So physically tired this week, and I haven't seen a real patient yet...Everyday getting to uni at 8am or 9am...once getting back home past 11 then waking up next day at 6 to go to Curl Curl. Drive there was still quite a bit of traffic. No time to even study at home, and the breaks at uni go by way too fast...4/5/6 hours break doesn't feel like the equivalent to one night's sleep, more like a 2 hour break.

Feel like I have to study 2 years with of content in one week, every single week to refresh my memory i.e. impossible. Couldn't even study one subject last sem probably because of diseases, and now to put theory into practice...

Here's a burger I got for free last week at a pop up at Basement 33 by Pig Out Aus.

'The Fat Tony' 

I think this was around $15 originally. It's just cool with a syringe with their secret sauce, which is kind of like big mac sauce but not really. Beef was cooked pink, and juicy, and even my brother approved (he doesn't really love anything, only likes stuff). A bit too much sauce though, which ended up soaking into the cardboard box. Yay for free burgers found through procrastinating on fb. 

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  1. Lots of places are getting in on this syringe thing, aren't they? It's pretty cool! I have yet to try a dessert or main with one.