Saturday, November 28, 2015

Zumbaron Day

The last Zumbaron Day was in 2012, and I couldn't make it because I had heaps of stuff to do before going overseas...but I made it to this one and it was worth just trekking it out to the Star. With over 60 flavours-I had to plan which flavours to get the night before. I didn't end up waking at 6am to be the first 50 customers to spend over $60. You got 2 bake at home kits, a t-shirt and some American popcorn...but didn't wake up early enough...

So many colours!

When you entered you got given an order sheet and wrote how many of each flavours you wanted, so getting the macarons were an easy process, no shouting over the cabinet.

didn't get any of these (since way too unhealthy), but looked pretty interesting




Box of 12-$33 
($2.80 each, but I think they rounded down since it was super busy, and no one wants to deal with change)

The line up:
Four pillars gin & tonic-very subtle, couldn't really taste the alcohol
Mango, grapefruit & coconut tapioca-couldn't really taste the grapefruit 
Smoked banana & passionfruit-love the smokiness
Watermelon & strawberry-classic flavours
Paris-Brest-a French pastry, with delicious praline cream
Thai green curry-strangely one of my favourites. It was actually spicy like curry (my spicy tolerance is nothing compared to other people). There was coconut cream ganache in the middle, so definitely tasted like what it sounded like
Jasmine green tea & rose-very subtle flavours, was expecting more tea flavours. The cream ganache was too soft.
Veuve Clicquot-couldn't really taste the champagne, super subtle. I guess champagne (not sparkling wine in this case) is expensive...
Pandan, kaffir, lime rice pudding-good hit of both pandan and lime flavour, loved, the chewy bits of rice pudding
Lolly gobble bliss bomb-this is an American popcorn, and yes, it was definitely a massive sugar rush of caramel plus popcorn
Yuzu & tonkatsu-another interesting flavour, it somehow worked, and could taste the citrus plus pork
Negroni-could actually taste some alcohol in this, with a hint of orange, so this one was the best out of the alcohol ones. Loved the gold on it (:

Can it be Zumbaron Day everyday? 

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