Friday, November 27, 2015

So supps list came out at 11:55am. Was not ready for this but every minute spent not checking means potentially a minute of wasted study time.

Didn't get a supp. How anti-climatic.

Either 1. i actually passed 2. i failed too badly to even get a 2nd chance

i think it's the latter. i really wanted a supp for a prac since i know all the things i did wrong... D=

and diseases, yeah, most likely failed too much. although i don't know if i should be happy or sad since the disease supp is on Monday...what a guess, knew diseases would make life hard and only give 2 days to study everything...which is impossible. One module takes at least 5 hours to read...let alone re-memorise...

enough about exams (and more heartbreak and failures...)

no supps meant i could do random things on the weekend. was planning to wake up at 6am to be the first 50 customers to spend over $60 and receive some freebies, but went out at night and so ceebs with the freebies...

had a super early Xmas dinner with a few PLUS girls. it was simple but really nice :) also had Kris Kringle, and I got a colouring book for adults. i actually hate colouring, but after seeing this new craze online a few months ago, this book can be the key to optom de-stress.

i am super behind on post...and soz in advance for all the food posts to come...

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  1. Fingers crossed for your exam situation! Really hoping it all turns out alright!


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