Sunday, November 15, 2015

Outback Steakhouse

I've been wanting to try this place for a while, ever since we went past here in the mid sem break. It's the closest one for people living in the Hills, and there's noting here apart from this place, Hungry Jacks and a petrol station. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere unless you're heading up to Windsor.  Decided to come here for my brother's birthday, since he loves his meeeeat. 

It was pretty packed for a Sunday night, got there at 6.30 and managed to get a seat straightaway. I did make a booking but they said even bookings can't be guaranteed a table. The booth style sitting was actually very spacious. Loved how each table had a light hanging over the top-lighting for photos! 

Sides which came with mixed combo platter: potato soap w/ break and caesar salad

Each side is normally $7 each, but you could choose 2 sides with the ribs. Potato soap could have been creamier/more silky, but bread was super soft and warm when it arrived. Caesar salad was nice (never actually had a bad caesar before).

Mixed platter: baby pork ribs and beef ribs with 170gram Sirloin Steak (extra $7)-$44

Ribs had some good tanginess to them, and were really soft. I do prefer having a whole rack though...and wished there was more... Steak was nicely cooked, pretty cheap or an extra $7. Requested medium rare and it was cooked that way.

Rib eye 390gm with chips-$37 and mushroom sauce-$3

I think I chose the wrong cut, since this part was quite tendony and chewy. It didn't come with the bone either...and this cut is supposed to be relatively we were all confused...The mushroom sauce was really good, and about 3 times larger than other steak/ribs place-value for money. Chips were below average, not potatoey enough on the inside...but loved how they kept the skin on the potatoes so it gave it some crunch.

Bloomin burger with jack potato-$19

side angle

Had to try the burger because I wanted to try the onion rings without ordering an extra side. Burger was more towards the lean side, and cooked well. The onion rings weren't that special though...Loved all the toppings of the potato.

fooood (mushroom sauce looked like soup when it first came out)

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  1. I've been to the Outback Steakhouse too! Good thing you didn't order the onion because we did and didn't finish it - it was really greasy. I had the steak sandwich and that was pretty good. I tried some of the chicken burgers and they weren't bad either but I guess you go to a steakhouse for the beef, right? Also the sides are pretty great :) We changed the fries to sweet potato and hat was made nicely with some great dressing.


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