Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another questionable end + Spectre

to all those that i said that i had 4 exams, i lied, i had 3. exams were pracs were split between 2 days. so 2 theory and 1 prac exam. yes, it may seem like not a lot, but considering there was an assignment due after stuvac (another extension...but not really helpful anyway).

i have been studying diseases almost everyday, but ran out of time in the exam. 1 min per mark. can't even write sentences or read the question in one minute.

pharm was better than mid sem (even though both tests are 40% each), but still forgot stuff...

don't know if prac or diseases was the worst. so, so, so disadvantaged. first person out of 80 people to go, and got a mean examiner as well. got questioned about everything i did whilst other people didn't get any questions to answer. some people go tomorrow, so they have 36 more hours to study, and people aren't supposed to, but other people give 'tips' on formatting etc....and going first i had no idea what to expect. so super disadvantaged...and they don't make it 'easier' for people going first. please, please, pleaseeee give me a supp. the only comfort i have is that i am here for supps this year.

sea salt and baileys-$3.80

wished there was more alcohol flavour, but still quite nice. the sea salt was a bit overpowering here though. shared because i already over eaten that day ):

spent 8 hours thinking about all more failures, and then 3 hours watching Spectre (new James Bond). Pretty good, liked it and understood it, haha.

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  1. I haven't had Bailey's until recently but realised it's actually really nice! You've been on lots of great Aqua S adventures! You inspire me - I should go and try it someday!