Friday, November 20, 2015

how to survive a 40+ deg sydney 'spring' day without air con? don't move


don't get me wrong, i have a million things to do post-exams, but can't do anything since it's too hot. it's too hot to move, and looking at stuff on my phone/laptop to pass time doesn't really help since they get hot as well. trying to restrict myself to less sweets/cold treats, but it's so hard in this weather...and dieting is still a joke after going to a dessert degustation yesterday...

today was sleeping in, then trying to move minimally and eating a lot of cold meals, then trying to sit still. we actually have air con in every single room of the house, but i wanted to see if i could survive a day like this without air con, and i did but just didn't move...and felt extremely horrible...

this hot weather also stopping my  baking/exercising plans

have to start studying again for supps soon...list comes out next fri...

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  1. When it's too hot to do anything, sometimes the best thing to do is to stay in bed or on a couch. Get a good book to read or find a movie to pass the time. The cold meals also work, especially ice cream or a nice cold glass of tea. Hope you managed to get cool after that!

    Melinda Rose @ Phoenix South HVAC