Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Haven Spring Menu

Come here regularly to get my weekly coffee, but to actually try the food, I have to make the effort of waking up earlier for breakfast. Things (and prices) have changed since my last visit and 21st, so it's now more on par with other cafes in the area but still slightly cheaper with the most expensive dish for breakfast/lunch menu being $20

Passionfruit and coconut slice-$4

Would have liked a bigger slice. It's actually not too sweet/buttery, definitely get some passionfruit flavour through it. Had the option of having these slices at my 21st, but since I already had 2 cakes plus dessert and drinks, people probably wanted more savoury. 

the cups have changed to a more 'faded' darker blue
Their coffee is good, and it can be tailored, but I just opted for just normal coffee

I've had the mocha before, but finally now in a cup :) Love the drizzle of chocolate, but if you have weak hand like me, it can make picking up the cup difficult since the other hand doesn't have much space to support the other side of the cup without getting chocolate on your fingers...I'm sure it's just me who have weak hands, haha. Not too sweet even with the chocolate on top. The added some cocoa nibs on top, so be careful when drinking to prevent choking on one...

Potato Latkes-$15.50

that egg yolk

This dish is from their winter menu (cheaper back then), so I have yet to try their spring menu. Their version of latkes is thin potatoes which have been deep fried. So it's quite oily (and unhealthy with bacon), can definitely see all the oil on the plate, but luckily your mouth doesn't have too much of an oily feel. The latkes are like hard potato crisps. My mum wouldn't have approved of this since the colour is way more than golden brown...but it's not burnt here so all good. Loved the watercress, something simple but makes the plate have more colour/ Eggs were cooked perfectly, bacon had most of the fat trimmed off/rendered. Wuold have preferred more of the vinergar. It looks like it's dripped generously, but the potatos can be quite heavy, so more acidity would have freshened up the plate more.

Cauliflower Popcorn-$15.50

It actually wasn't too oily despite seeing the remaining oil on the plate. Really fun way to eat cauliflower. The sesame seeds gave it more flavour without needing to add additional seasoning. Loved the watercress scattered throughout and that egg yolk.

Roasted Plum Parfait-$14.50

Not your average parfait. This one is more of a yoghurt one, with bits and pieces scattered throughout. Loved the sago to give it some chewy texture, the super flavourful currents gave it some sweetness, the beautifully segmented oranges and grapefruit for some acidity, coconut flakes, and fresh mint on top. 

Dragon's Breath-$6

This wasn't as sweet as I last had it, more natural tea flavour I guess. Just a bit sweet at the bottom. Definitely refreshing from that cauliflower popcorn.

Filter coffee-$6

Second time having filtered coffee. It's quite strong but fragrant, and also the temperature is hotter than your average cup of milk coffee. It's interesting but I think I prefer my capps. 


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  1. Wow, that parfait!

    The food was so great at your birthday! And I tried a dark hot chocolate and that was really nice, too. (Thanks again for holding a 21st!)