Thursday, November 26, 2015

i can't believe it's been a year already since i first visited NYC. time does fly. still remember my trip quite vividly. i guess it's not too bad travelling the world at this age rather than when i was a kid since you can't remember stuff as much, whereas now i pretty much remember all the things we did there (and didn't do). it also marks a year which i said i was going to blog about America/Canada, but that never happened...

i'm getting pretty good at surviving this 30+deg heat. close all my blinds, and don't move at home lel.

whilst i was studying for finals, there was somehow some time to just let my mind think about deep stuff...i think there was/is a part of me which skipped some sort of stage in life. like i look around me and people have a lot of connections, where as when i say i don't have any friends, well, i don't really have any friends, and close friends aren't easy to find. even just guy friends, something is lacking in my social connections, and people are at that stage in life where they're all close and new friends are hard to make...and church friends whom i've grown up with, well i don't know what happened, but don't talk to them much even though we still see each other's probably sad but i think i can see myself being the one who attends everyone's weddings but never actually end up marrying...i guess it's not uncommon since i know quite a few people who are just like that...and there was some deeper stuff but probs for another time...

since i 'finished' exams over a week ago, it still doesn't feel finished. currently in a 'limbo' state, trying to study this week in case i get a supp. it's actually really, really, really hard to find the motivation to study...supps list comes out many things i want to do, but can't until i find out if i need to redo an exam. on one hand, i know i screwed up 2 exams majorly, so i do want another chance, but then it was impossible to study diseases for the whole sem+stuvac, so a weekend to study diseases is impossible x impossible. supps are always harder than the finals. my whole week next week is empty in case for supp exams. the only positive as i've said before is that i'm here to sit the supp exam (unlike freaking out overseas last year)

'may the odds be ever in your favour' (the last hunger games was alright, but first one still remains the best)


  1. Aww I hope your holidays is still enjoyable despite its uncertainty!

  2. I sometimes feel a similar way about friends, not particularly that I don't have close friends, but that everyone's growing up and going places, most of them will get married... and we're all going to drift away inevitably.
    But that's not how it goes you know?
    You have to have the determination, patience and initiative to spend time regularly with whoever you'd like to know better in order for friendship to start, and not be frustrated that it's not progressing as fast as you'd like.
    For me, it started with a conscious decision getting to know church friends better, and I definitely feel so much closer to them now compared to 2 years ago.


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