Monday, June 1, 2015


so nice seeing everyone on Saturday (: even though I'm super screwed for exams ):

i actually had an MRI scan earlier that morning, so was super tired just from waking up early. it was part of a research thing i participated in 2 years ago, and back then i didn't have a job so decided to do it since you get reimbursed. now 2 years later, that money was not worth my time, but i decided to finish the testing anyways since it's a free scan, and i would hate participants not completing stuff myself if i was a researcher myself. they give all the boring jobs to the new PhD students, and all the main doctors don't even have to analyse the results lol.

thanks so much Shirley!

they're actually being sold at uni IGA for $2, which is kind a rip compared to the $1.50. online they sell 3 for $20...not many people like artificial banana, but i'm the weird kid who does (as well as cherry flavoured lollies, and other random candy)

btw, the salted caramel lindt lindor ball is really good! it's not sweet like the normal milk chocolates and not too creamy either so it doesn't feel as fattening. there's dark choc wrapped around the salted caramel filling, and there is definitely a noticeable amount of saltiness in there. caramel wasn't too sweet either (if it all since the salt kind of overpowered it), but i would rather more salt than sweetness in salted caramel if i had to choose. like heston's salted caramel was just on the sweet side.

is it weird? i find 90% lindt dark choc not as dark as 85%. maybe this time we didn't put the chocolate in the fridge...but 90% doesn't taste bitter or sweet or very chocolatey, it's just like a mild cocoa flavour.

skipped uni today (well skipped 1 hr of uni), but i caught up...except she turned off the recording towards the end =/ 

i should stop saying i'm screwed, and do some studying. 

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