Friday, June 26, 2015

questionable end

at the beginning of this semester i thought, yeah 3 subjects, i'm gonna have time to study everything and be confident i'm not going to get supps.

then after the beginning of my failed prac exam last week, it all went downhill.

i actually had a pretty good exam timetable for once, well better than all the other years, especially 2nd year 1st sem 8 exams in 2 weeks with a mid-year dance concert to perform. this sem was 4 exams over 2 weeks, with 5 days in between my 2nd and 3rd exam so kind of like a mini stuvac, well 4 days since i had work on a day. i thought with the relatively spread out exams i could fit in work as well without having to take time off since no one can cover me. my stuvac was kind of non existent since i still had work over the long weekend, and had to go uni to practice for a day, where i also got free ben and jerry's ice cream....

but this time after every exam, i just remembered all the things i did wrong, and know i failed it. i know my wam is going to massively decrease, but pleaseeeee let me pass this semester, or at least get a supp for a 2nd chance to redeem myself.

over 400 diseases to remember, and differentiate from each other, know what is its, causes, signs, symptoms, treatments. and then another million diseases which can stem from the eye to other parts of the body. and it's only the "anterior" eye which is supposed to be easier since things look a tad bit different compared to the posterior eye where everything looks the same. i worried about diseases the most because of the content. every week 4 hours of new material. think about it. a commerce course is only max 3 hours of week: 2 hours lectures then 1 hour tute to consolidate your knowledge. diseases itself is sometimes 7 hours a week, min 4 hours new material each week. it's literally double or triple other course contents. so much stuff to memorise. started studying for it around wk12, and still 4 weeks later to know everything was impossible.

even the smart people weren't sure of their answers ): one of my super smart friends only got 5 hours of sleep in 48 hours. so cray. i only got 5.5, and i was planning to just get 5, but normally if i don't have an exam in the morning, i'll sleep in and get 8-9 hours...yes, study time wasted but i need my energy. especially sitting through a 3 hour exam. haven't done that since the hsc...

realised to wrote a completely wrong answer for the optom paper. can't believe i ran out of time to do it properly.

and visn paper, wow, those questions were so hard, at least i wasn't the only one who thought so. too bad in optm they don't scale you, can actually calculate what score you got in the final exams once you know your whole course mark.

the sad thing is no one (well it's unheard of) to fail this semester of third year. but our year gets it harder. for diseases, we got a new lecturer, have to pass the finals worth 60% and his questions are super hard. like for example, we have some case studies to do, and even with everyone's knowledge and our notes in front of us, the max we got was 7/10. like what do you expect from us? just know he marks hard ): also the other exams are hurdles. visn wasn't last year but since everyone didn't study for it last year, they changed things up.

already receiving payment notifications welcome emails for a course for next sem. why you do this. the fake hope that we passed, but they will unenrol us and kick us out of the course if we fail this sem ):

oh, the look of repeating this sem is so high. so much sadness. going to relax over the next few days, and then probably start studying for supps. pleaseeee let me get a supp. please let me pass this sem.

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  1. Wow, three hour exams. I hardly remember what those were like. Someone from the cohort before us submitted a claim for wrist injury in our three hour exams so now everyone only has two hour exams.

    I can't believe how stressful your course sounds. That's so hectic. Take care of yourself!