Sunday, June 28, 2015

Burger Project

Super quick lunch after a morning exam while waiting for my hourly bus back home to arrive. Always wanted to try this place by the celebrity chef Neil Perry at World Square, even though other people have said it's not that great.
quite a lot of seating inside, but the seats are more tightly placed together

packaging in a paper bag

Classic burger: beef, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, special sauce-$8.90

On first appearance, it looks like the infamous Shack Shack burgers from New York with it's fancy leafy lettuce.  The beef itself is indeed very keen and good quality, and cooked to medium rather than the overcooked patties from Maccas. However, when you're eating a burger, it's already unhealthy, so I guess I would have preferred the beef to be a bit more juicy and have slightly more seasoning. It's not cheap for a burger of this side, and was very filling without any sides. The 'special sauce' was more on the tomatoey side, which I'm not a massive fan of tomato sauce in burgers. There was probably more onion than I would have liked. The bread was soft but nothing special. Also, the paper bag was bigger than the actual burger itself, making it hard the 'push' the burger out of the bag to eat it without touching it. Decided to not go with the cheese since it was an extra dollar. Overall it was nice, but not the best burger out there. 

Look at the perfection of these burgers from Shake Shack in America! Never got around to doing a proper American food posts, but these burgers were so soft and milky, with super juicy patties yet without being too fatty. The greaseproof paper is the perfect size for holding onto the burgers they look deceivingly small and flat, but are surprisingly so filling on a cold winter NYC day! plus, they were relatively cheap :)

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