Friday, May 29, 2015

Week 12

this week's been another kinda crap week. almost everyday it takes me 4 hours to and from uni, with an average of 2 hours of classes each day, sometimes even just 1 hour. ie. my uni life is spent stuck in traffic. times like these i really wish my parents/i had the money so i can just live on campus. i do have stuff to study on the bus, but it's just not the right environment to study properly, so nothing goes in my head. 

doesn't help i'm working during stuvac, and also have to go uni to practice for prac exam, so another non-existent stuvac. still have new material in week 13 to learn ): 

yep, i'm screwed. but this sem the content is just twice the stuff of last semester for each subject. comparing my already condensed notes (you know how i like to squish stuff onto one page, i still do in uni), the notes are almost double for the equivalent subj from last sem. so doing 3 subjects feels like doing more than 4...

i know i always say this every sem, but i really do hope i pass. getting mid sems/prac/tute marks back, and almost all have failed. i hate feeling down on marks because my heart tells me this is all short term things but my brain tells me why can't I memorise stuff better/if only I had my friend's memory. if i can't pass mid sems, then how can i make it through finals? esp 3 hour disease finals. never had a 3 hour uni exam...

at least i came back home today with this:
finally won something!

it finally came in today, after over 2 weeks. it says it was supposed to be a signed copy but it wasn't ): oh well, this book retail for $45.00. just regramed on Insta and i finally got drawn (well I think it's a draw since it's randomly picked) and won a Zumbo competition! you have no idea how many i have entered...holidays are super packed already (and i'm not going anywhere this time), but i want to try something form this book.

finally opened these cookies, all the way from Canada!

these were surprisingly nice and maple syrupy without being too sugary or really creamy filling, and it's maple leaf shaped (:

no time to go to Vivid ): the most i've seen was on monday crossing over the Harbour bridge, the lights turned on at 6.01pm (not 6pm), so i had a glimpse of the buildings/opera house when i went over the Harbour Bridge. really want to test out different functions/night lights photography on my camera, but so screwed for finals ):

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