Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gloria Jeans Coffee

So today is the last day of June, and also EOFY. didn't find many sales this year ):

but this month of June, Gloria Jeans had free coffee between 2-3pm since the 2nd year of the Sereno blend. It's quite a mild coffee, and not a lot of coffee flavour, but couldn't really taste the passionfruit/citrus/fruity flavour in it as it was really subtle. i actually never drink gloria jeans, and despite exams this month, i managed to still get 8 cups of free coffee, in between work or after exams.

prices do vary, so where I live it's $3.70, Carlingford is $3.75, and town hall is $3.85. sometimes if i'm not in a hurry, i ask for a mug and if the person is nice, they give it even though mugs are bigger than a small takeaway coffee and they're the same price.

I think I like my local Gloria Jeans the best, people are friendly and it's cheaper than other places

mugs, caps w/ choc powder and cinnamon 

snapchat photo because i forgot to take a proper one lol

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