Friday, June 19, 2015

halfway through but feeling so sad. i know i failed the practical on monday, and not even sure if i didn't fail too bad so i can get a supp/2nd chance.

now looking at diseases notes and about to cry. internally and physically. been looking at this for the past few weeks, and still not enough time to remember everything. and after a super failed mid sem, how to even get over 50% in a 3 hour final worth 60%.

internally dying.

fyi, back in 1st yr, we got an email saying a 2nd yr optom student committed suicide. probably other factors, but one contributing is the stress from optom, well people who are slow to learn like me. actually that girl was a friend's friend, and apparently was quite bright =/

but my point is i. am. so. screwed. please let me pass this semester. only until i screwed up my prac then the other exam which was super hard (and its optom so they don't scale), that i realised my doing 3 subjects this sem doesn't really equate to more time to study.

so much content. the struggle is real.

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  1. I always wonder who designs the syllabus. Like maybe in theory it's good to know all these diseases, but have they actually tried sitting an exam with all of them, while having to study for other subjects?