Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lobby Lounge Take 3

Carrot cake is probably my least favourite cake, but when I saw it on Masterchef, I knew I had to try it before exams started. 

anna polyviou's carrot cake-$8.50
carrot cake, apricot insert, rice bubble disc, carrot cake crumble, praline cremeux, caramel glaze w/ graffiti, candy carrot strips, baby celery leaves

the layers

It was the 2014 dessert of the year, but that included a cream cheese foam and a carrot sorbet. This cake is decent for the price, but doesn't include those two elements. Loved how there wasn't too much carrot flavour in the cake. However, the caramel glaze gets quite sweet halfway through, and I have a sweet tooth which is saying something, so if there was the sorbet there, it would definitely have helped to cut through the sweetness. You could definitely taste the layers there, and loved the crack of the tempered chocolate. Can't wait to see what else Anna creates!

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  1. Oh haha, thanks for labelling that as an apricot insert, because I thought it was a carrot and even though it's a carrot cake, a slice of actual carrot on there weirded me out a bit.