Monday, December 4, 2017

Today was the first time I left the home without my phone, but luckily I wasn't gone for too long. In my head I was thinking, please no one crash into me. I'm a careful driver (well I think I am), but then when there's sudden down pour of heavy rain plus careless people on the road, accidents can happen. Without a phone, you can't call anyone or take photos of anything. No idea how I left my phone at home. Only realised I left it when I wanted to get a rewards card on my phone but didn't bring my phone...Surprise visits are fun though.

It's interesting how some people who are willing to buy 6 figure cars still end up taking a loan. I don't think I can ever buy my own car and get a loan, because isn't a mortgage already a big enough loan...? Really do meet a wide variety of optoms when I work on Sunday.

Tay Tay finally released her album for streaming last week, and I think it's alright, but like her 1989 album more. Her next concert is the weekend before next year's final exams. In hindsight, so glad I made a spontaneous decision to her 1989 concert because that was when exams finished.

I think I'm just going to chill the rest of the week, then start non-intense studying next week. Should also start cleaning my stuff up...

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  1. Love you <3 Thank you so much!! This really, really made my day and made me feel so loved!