Friday, December 15, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

No spoilers here. Last time I watched a movie was back in July, so when I could tag along for a free movie, well why not? Not actually a Star Wars fan, and still haven't fully watched the first 6 movies...I have somehow watched Rogue One more than once, from on the plane, then on Netflix. This Star Wars plot was still decent and was followable for people who know nothing about Star Wars, but could have been more intense. As always, graphics were pretty good. 

Ben and Jerry's Frozen Flakes

Also decided to try the new cereal flavour, it sort of tastes like cereal but that sweet malty (?) version with some sweet milk. Reminds me of American cereal, not that I had any cereal in America.

Reclinable seats!

So this is why people go to Hoyts. Quick search shows most Hoyts cinemas have reclinable seats in all their cinemas, and their tickets are only $15 for adult or child. Event cinemas do still do student discounts (well not sure if they have got rid of their $8 student mondays yet...), but adults are $20+ and the seats are no where near as nice. These leather seats were quite clean and had a button on the side to adjust the height. If I sat down normally, my legs were dangling/ can't touch the ground since these seats are a lot higher. Feels so fancy like Gold Class (not that I know what Gold class feels like but one can imagine/look at photos lol)

Mad Mex chicken burrito

Not really in focus, but just a random snap because first time having a burrito from there. There's actually a lot of fast food in Aus I haven't had in a long time, but it's not like I'm in a hurry to try.

Hate how it gets so hot now. Can't study in this heat.

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  1. Frozen Flakes reminded me - apparently there's somewhere in America where you can get a cereal milk latte, too!