Friday, December 22, 2017

I figured that today and yesterday are my only chill days at home, and pretty much working/going out every day for the next 2 weeks up until I start uni. Finally got my hair cut today, after booking in a last min appointment and had to be 'squeezed' in. Funny how during exam times I would often look at my split ends, because I'm looking down but not at my notes, but after exams I'm trying to catch up on tv etc, and don't care about my hair. I already look at least 5 years younger than my age, so with short hair, I can probs even pass at least 8 years younger, esp compared to Caucasians...

Managed to finally get the other 2 cars air bag changed this week. It's such a time consuming process, like how do people with full time jobs manage to have the time? You need to drop it off in the morning, then wait for them to drop you off either at the shops or your home, then wait until another 8 hours after for them to come pick you up. It's also ironic how Subaru used a Toyota car as their 'courtesy bus', but I guess it's cause that's the only spacious 8 seater left and it's not on the market anymore...Standard classic convo when you're with someone, and then the driver asks what do you do and you always start with 'I look younger than I actually am.'

Also apparently the Japanese company which did the airbags faked some reports on the safety, hence the start of the worldwide recall in 2009. It was only in some car models from some years, but all 3 of our cars we have are diff models from 2 diff brands from different years and fell into the recall group. We had a letter advising us of it in 2015, but only this month we finally got our official letter. So if they didn't fudge reports, then we wouldn't have to waste our time, and they wouldn't have needed to waste extra money. German cars also used those airbags form the same company, but their testing was more stringent, which makes sense cause you have Audi, BMW, Mercs, Porsche etc etc. Really, you pay for the quality and craftsmanship. I don't have anything against Japanese made cars, but they are cheaper compared to German manufacturers, which are cheaper than Italian made cars. Cheaper isn't the right word since even Japanese made cars can be expensive, and German cars are already super expensive, and Italian cars are just what incredibly rich people like Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari etc etc...Ok, I digress...Passenger air bags fixed finally in all our cars.

I still can't believe it's almost the end of the year. It's gone by so slow yet fast at the same time. Still have a bag of almond flour which hopefully hasn't expired, but now I know I won't have time to make macarons from scratch by day maybe before I get a full time job...

My brother's work gifted all their employees a massive leg of ham, plus a box of goodies filled with food, quite a massive box, and also a gift card, whilst my dad brought home a bottle of wine, nothing expensive, but that's not the point. While the company I work at is a global company, but what do I get? Nothing. Sometimes I think why are some big companies so stingy, and then I remember there are shareholders, and the CEOs need to earn more, like not that they don't earn enough already...Reminds me the other day of an article I read, and even Australian CEOs average $90k a week, that's way more than what I'll ever get as an annual salary. Pretty sure the stuff my bro brought back cost more than his one day worth of pay lol.  

Motivation to study properly is dying. I know I should but then technically it's holidays and all I want to do is play. Much yolo come beginning of Jan. Not looking forward to work either, going to be super busy since end of year. 

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  1. Yes, reading this reminds me of the end-of-year rush. Hope that you've settled into it these days!


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