Monday, December 18, 2017

It's surprising how when you have a time limit or extra pressure, how much you can actually get done.

Exhibit A: madly wrapping 4 xmas presents for colleagues whilst eating breakfast this morning, all within 5 minutes. Yes I could have wrapped then over a week ago but never got around doing it, and could've woken up a bit earlier to wrap it, but you guys know I love my extra sleep. I love wrapping presents, but those presents were probs the ugliest presents I've wrapped to date. At least it's the thought that counts right?

Exhibit B: got my hopes up that I wouldn't have to start in early Jan, but I'm in the group which starts internals on Jan 8th. Ideally that isn't the best since I don't get a chance to practice contact techniques, and get chucked into the deep end, whereas some external placements are more chilled...Have less than 2 weeks to study since pretty much working full time in the week leading up to pre clinic exam, but I still ceebs to study properly since for once, if you fail the quiz you don't fail the course, you just do a massive time consuming assignment. Without the whole fail exam fail subject pressure, it does make motivating yourself to study harder. Especially when research only finished on Dec 1 and working in between so you don't really have a properly holiday.

Again, not complaining, since I sort of had an extended sem 1 holiday this year. It does mean I should stop planning stuff/meeting up with friends, but still slowly learning exams isn't the only priority, and meeting up with people is defs worth my time. Although starting early but my concession Opal probs won't be activated until uni officially starts, or when concession roll over thing starts again in April...One thing I've missed this year is defs my concession card.

I can sort of see the appeal of people working part time, since you're working but then you're off for half of the week, and can use that time to run errands, chores or just chill. It's ironic how I'm not even working full time, but just thinking of working everyday 5+ days a week for x number of years, how draining that would be with only 4 weeks or less of holidays a year. I guess I experience working 'full time' a few weeks a year, especially with the end of the year/xmas, and when colleagues go on holidays. Maybe I'm just really lazy and ceebs working during uni holidays, which is making me think sometimes full time work is going to be so, so tiring, but hopefully rewarding at the same time.


  1. working full time (as I do now) is such an eye opener. The pain on sunday night is so real

  2. Hahaha I totally agree - like it would be best if I did things earlier but I often end up finding out that I just end up being super productive when I really, really have to.

    And yay! I'm excited for you to get concession again! Good times.


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