Sunday, December 17, 2017

I actually quite enjoying watching Carols in the Domain, and just listening to Christmas songs in general. Ironic because I didn't go to my church's carols night last night though...and would never have to time to line up and wait whole day for Carols in the Domain...maybe when I retire then I'll have time, and no idea if they would still have this in over 40 years time. Well it's actually the 35th yr this year, so maybe...From the aerial shots, it looks a lot less crowded this year, or they blocked off more seating to allow more people to walk through so you can walk the the Domain but just can't stay and look at what's on stage. This year they have lighted up wrist bands like at Taylor Swift's 1989 concert, where the colour and timing of when the wrist bands flashes is all controlled by the lighting crew. Makes the aerial shots look more uniform in colour and pretty.

Watching people dance makes me miss dancing, but I guess those days are long gone because uni=what is life. Ahh, but the ballet is just so elegant. Even watching snippets of The School Spectacular yesterday and those kids are so talented, although I guess they do focus on performing arts at school and probably for their jobs...

I'll take it as a compliment when a customer says I'm good enough to sell cars cause she kept upgrading her glasses...but damn, a yellow diamond ain't cheap either and a lot more than the glasses..doesn't hurt to have matching glasses and ring I guess, haha.

I should really start studying for the quiz and clinic in general. Have probs forgotten all the basics after a year of no practice. It is a lot shorter holidays this time round, but not complaining. I would rather read over 70 pages of manuals or working than spend my day sulking at home. Should have said no to working more right before the quiz, but too late now. Well if I wake up like a normal uni time then I would have some more time right...?

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  1. I love ballet, sigh. I always wish I'd learned it! Maybe one day.

    I'm sure the basics will all come flooding back to you when you start up again! You can do it!