Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bay Vista

I've never been bothered to make the trek down south for this dessert place, but now I don't need to since there's one in Parra (which isn't that close but still half as close compared to Brighton-Le-Sands. Parra has changed so much, especially with the new Meriton apartment complex, and heaps of food options underneath. This place is massive, with 2 levels and super spacious. 

The menu is crazy extensive, over 20 pages of desserts. Even as a dessert fan, it was quite hard to choose something. The stuff is a bit pricier than other dessert places, but I guess part of it is paying for the novelty.

Penny & Ruby: pear and rhubarb crumble ice cream, frozen yoghurt scoop and mango sorbet, fresh strawberries, mango, white chocolate crisp pearls, real ice cream 'soft serve, whipped cream, white chocolate sauce and crumble topping-$25.90 

ice cream ain't cheap so may as well take more photos

Loved how it's served in a massive sundae bowl/ice cream bowl and towered with toppings. Felt like something a bit refreshing, and the frozen yoghurt and mango sorbet helped. The pear and rhubarb ice cream was a bit more subtle. The strawberries were frozen hard, even though they did label it fresh. Maybe they cut it in the morning then froze them...The mango was fresh and sweet though. Probably a bit too much whipped cream, but it helps give height to the picture. The white choc crisps added a crunchy element, but the white white choc sauce which also some frozen chunks was a bit too sweet for me. I have to admit, having a massive ice cream bowl is a fun way to eat ice cream.

cakes look average tbh

they have different 'stations' for different dessert items

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