Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Reasons to hate summer

I realised I don't think I've ever done a post on why I hate summer (sorry Happy Apple and Tracy! I know you both love the heat)

- It's hot, and scorching hot
- Hot weather makes me sleepy, and hence unproductive
- Can't think clearly when it's hot
- Can't study in the heat
- Energy runs out fast in summer
- Get tanned easily, and tans for me are irreversible
- More chance of getting skin cancer
- Sun just ages the skin, and ageing of anything isn't ideal
- Can get burned
- My skin doesn't like summer, and neither does my hair. Only good thing is hair dries faster in summer
- Get all sweaty, sticky and gross
- Walk outside for a minute and you're already sweating
- Actually even sitting at home doing nothing, closed blinds so less light/heat goes through and I'm still sweating even after 5min
- Can't breathe properly (well compared to crisp cool winter air)
- Mosquitoes are everywhere. This is one of the main reasons. Even just waiting for the bus at night for 5min I can get around 4 bites.
- Have to spend more money on sunscreen and aeroguard, which sometimes become part of my handbag essentials. Although I don't feel like insect repellent actually works...
- I learnt the other day that insect repellent and sunscreen cancel each other out, so it's one or the other, but I need both #fwp
- Black clothing absorbs heat
- Also mosquitoes are attracted to black clothing, but I like wearing black clothing rather than white which will get dirty easily. Usually it's not you but someone else makes it dirty accidentally
- Bushfires and smoke, houses destroyed
- Uncontrollable bushfires or arsonist who know fires are already hard to control in summer but make bushfires anyway
- Ants are also everywhere (doesn't help living next to a forest)
- Insects outside making a sound esp at night, making it hard to sleep
- It's already hard to sleep with the summer heat, but too cheap to turn on air con and it still makes a sound
- If someone turns on the aircon, I can hear the air con uni from outside the house since my room is next to the wall with the air con units outside. So the noise is louder when I open my window, but if I don't open my window, it becomes stuffy.
- Even touching electronics, like putting my laptop on my lap or holding my phone sometimes becomes too hot, not unbearable, but I feel like the heat ain't good for my MacBook or iPhone
- Fit Bit isn't as comfortable to wear in summer, tends to mark the skin more...
- Ice cream melts too fast, and also makes photo taking hard
- Chocolate and lollies also melt at home, and putting it in the fridge changes the intended texture
- Appetite becomes smaller since it's too hot to eat
- Always wanting water in summer
- Taking cold showers still doesn't really refresh you
- Even cold tap water isn't even cold because of the heat making the pipes warmer
- Too hot to do anything so waste time watching tv
- Too stingy to turn on the air con so sort of suffocate in the heat
- On the off chance I do turn on the aircon, it's not good for the environment
- There are fans, but they blow things, esp paper everywhere
- Too hot to bake or make anything. Summer is during hols so should have time to bake stuff but it's just too hot, and it's counter intuitive turning on the air con to bake
- I love leather car seats, but they burn in the sun once you want to sit on it, and the sun/heat ages them faster than it should
- The steering wheel is also too hot to touch, but you do master how to drive with two fingers (not that I recommend anyone to do...but when you're skin is sensitive to heat and you need to drive well...)
- Takes forever for the heat to escape the car in summer and feel bad for the car when I need to blast the air con initially
- I also feel bad for the car being parked outside with no shade in 40deg heats
- Everything is too hot to touch
- Too hot to exercise since already sweating to begin with
- There is more light during the day, but then the neighbour thinks they can drum during sunset i.e. after 8pm, and trust me, you do not want to live next to a drummer, but too poor to move houses...
- Can never experience a white Christmas down here
- Going to the shops for the free air con rather than actually shopping, but internally I'm just like I'm wasting time because I could at least have non dodgy free wifi at home and choose to watch random stuff on tv
- Winter clothes are nicer. You can easily layer in winter, but there's a limit on how much you can take off in summer...
- Summer thunderstorms are very inconvenient since weather proof clothing is normally long sleeved/winter clothing, but there isn't really any waterproof summer clothing available
- Maybe biased towards winter, cause I'm already hating the summer heat and the first month of Summer isn't over yet. Yes, I'm melting...


  1. As the self-declared representative for summer this list greatly offends me (jokes... or is it?) Nah but seriously, I’m suffering so bad right now and would give anything to have Australian summer. Google okayama temperature right now and then also google “when does winter start in japan.” gg indeed

    Here are my counterarguments, feel free to post them and let your readers decide which one really should be hated :P I think it’s fair to show both sides. Since you’ve put some really specific examples that don’t necessarily apply to everyone or could easily be remedied by one or two things (we can’t always win in this world) I’ve decided to do the same

    (Also don’t take this as me being harsh on you LOL, legit it is me dying in japan’s coldness and needing to jot down my points anyway)

    Let’s go

    - It’s freaking cold, bitterly cold
    - Cold weather makes me annoyed, complain and therefore always unproductive
    - Can’t think clearly when it’s so bitterly cold, can only think about how much I want summer back
    - Can’t study because it’s cold
    - Basically no sun/less hours of sun = less vitamin D
    - Less vitamin D = winter depression, being unhealthy blah blah
    - The days are ridiculously short. Go to work at 9, finish at 5 and OH LOOK it’s already dark outside gg. Did you need to get something done while it was light outside? Too bad! No vitamin D for me today but a good dose of SAD (seasonal affective disorder)!
    - It’s so cold that less and less people wash their hands because the water is too cold, meaning less hygiene meaning more chances to catch a cold! Woot woot immune system in overdrive
    - Everyone is sick all the time anyway
    - In summer my hair can dry naturally even if I wash it late at night. In winter? Blow dry every time. What a waste of time and electricity
    - Clothes dry in Japan’s summer in 2 hours. In winter – oh you needed that shirt tomorrow? HAHAHA too bad it won’t dry until 3 days later
    - Walk outside for a minute and you are already frozen to the core
    - Lack of insulation in japan’s houses/buildings etc means the inside is basically the same temperature as the outside. Frozen to the core while outside? Go inside and WOW no difference
    - Can’t breathe properly because the air is so cold it hurts my lungs
    - It’s hard to do much to protect your face from the cold, given that we need to breathe so YAY LET THE COLD AIR BURN YOUR FACE
    - Spending a couple of dollars on sunscreen? No probs. Spending $$$$$$ on decent winter coats, snow shoes, a whole new wardrobe I won’t wear in 3 months time? FUN
    - Flies and mosquitos still exist at the beginning of winter. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, EARTH WHAT ARE YOU DOING. It is either summer and there are flies and mosquitos (I’m fine with that, that’s the price) or it’s WINTER and they should be GONE but they’re not!!
    - Snow and ice everywhere, the dangers to cars, cyclists, and pedestrians is obvious. An inconvenience too
    - Going to sleep when it’s cold is so annoying. Crawling into a cold, cold bed sucks. Many nights of fun spent painfully curled up in a ball for a good 30 mins before finally being able to uncurl because the bed has started to warm up by that point
    - Can’t even eat ice cream in winter, because it gives me asthma. Plus I don’t enjoy being cold both on the inside AND outside

    1. (it said at most 4000 characters so here's the continued)

      - Appetite greatly increases because it’s so god awfully cold, and that means eating a lot. Have fun spending heaps of time trying to get your weight back down
      - I already only drink about 500ml a day in summer. Cold weather only means I drink even more under the daily average than I did in summer
      - LOL taking warm showers does nothing. It is painful getting into the shower into the first place because you are freezing as you take off your clothes, then you stand in the shower for forever wasting water, then you come out and freeze again. What’s the point?
      - If you’re too stingy to use a heat source then you just die in the cold
      - If you do turn on the aircon/use a heater then that’s not good for the environment
      - The resulting electricity bill
      - Having the heater on 24/7 (or even 50% of that time) means no humidity = sore throat and other health problems = fun times (this has already happened, can confirm this is legit)
      - Having to wear a thousand jumpers to keep warm, and upon taking them off it’s static electricity city
      - Can’t make bread etc because it’s way too cold so it refuses to proof
      - It’s so goddamn cold that when you get into your car you can’t move, and spend the first couple of minutes waiting for it to warm up
      - Need to get to work in a hurry in the morning? LOL JOKES you gotta scrape off the frost on all your car windows and mirrors first otherwise you can’t even see jack all
      - Everything is too cold to touch
      - Lol what even is exercise, it’s so cold I don’t even want to move and it’ll take ages to work up a sweat
      - That inane argument of “you can layer in winter but you can’t take off layers in summer.” LOL alright, how do I comfortably wear 5 layers of pants and 10 layers of shirts and coats?
      - But seriously, why should I have to layer and feel like a marshmallow? I’d rather be in a shirt and shorts and free to move however I please without 5000kg of fabric weighing me down
      - Don’t tell me that layers work. Because how many layers of gloves and socks can I possibly wear and yet still function and fit into my shoes?
      - So cold that I get chilblains and my fingers can no longer bend at the joints, making things like writing difficult. It then gets super itchy as soon as it encounters heat. This lasts for THREE MONTHS, until the weather gets warmer again
      - At least in summer it’s hot all round. In winter you wear 2 billion layers to cope with the outside, but oh as soon as you step inside (to the shops, restaurants etc) it becomes TOO HOT so have fun spending 10 minutes taking off all your layers so that you feel normal temperature again, to only have to spend 10 minutes AGAIN putting them all back on to go back outside
      - If the temperature changes and it gets slightly warmer, you peel off a couple of layers and it gets super annoying have to carry that around with you (either weighs down your bag or makes one of your hands unusable)
      - The beach is oh so fun in winter

    2. oh and this too:
      - Being allergic to dust sucks, and my eczema flares uncontrollably in winter thanks to the daylight hours being greatly reduced and the sun’s strength not enough to kill dust mites like it does in summer

  2. okay last one I promise... (I think?)
    - being unwilling to go pee in winter because the toilet seat is unbearably cold and just freezes my ass off like what gives?


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