Friday, July 21, 2017

*incoming long post because I haven't posted thoughts for a while*

Still missing Japan food a lot, maybe because I'm still going through my photos. I also miss Paris pastries, and Sydney brunch (which is more accessible), but I just haven't had time to go out to a cafe. It's been at least 2 months now, not including overseas food that I last had a nice brunch. Side note, it's weird how there is a Jamie's Italian in Iceland, gonna be the most expensive one for sure.

Argh, Google is a love hate relationship. Why do my photos from my iPhone automatically upload into Google Photos?! I never signed up for this? What is this invading my privacy and uploading to the Google account?? I already turned off back up and sync, and after Googling, other people have had the same issue, but there's no answer. Turning off back up and sync in Google Photos setting still automatically upload into Google Photos. Like I turn off cloud streaming in my iPhone settings and it doesn't upload into iCloud, but it doesn't work with Google Photos.

Also something happened when I was deleting photos on Google photos. Some photos I upload on my blog posts are through the Blog Touch app, so I can upload photos onto Blogger straight from my phone. I was just glancing through my blog, and all the photos just disappeared and there's a blank circle/line through all my images. What is this? How does deleting from Google Photos affect uploading onto Blogger? I just know Google owns them all, but why does it screw up my blog post? Like I know this blog is only a hobby, and no way would I be those who earn their full time income from blogging, but all my time spent on food posts and it just deletes my photos...Again, after Googling the answers, other people have this problem but no one knows how to fix it.

Oh the irony, I love Google and drive, but I didn't consent to photos being automatically uploaded to Google Photos, or getting them deleted off Blogger.

I think for once I ceebs uploading my JP/TW/HK holiday pics to FB. Too many photos taken from both camera and phone. I still can't use my camera properly, or maybe I need a better lens for those macro food shots, but then again it'll be a waste of money when I still have more to learn...)

Finding a colour laser printer with other functions is harder than it seems. There's actually not a lot of 'cheap' multifunction coloured laser printers out there.

I felt like I worked more this financial year, but it doesn't look like it on paper. A $5 pay drop per hour really does take it's toll. I don't like how the company is cutting back on even the simplest things like cleaning cloths. At the end of the day, you can't die with your money (apart from my Grandpa who is crazy and actually requested he gets buried with cash...), so money earned is meant to be spent #yolo. If I'm that person who spends all my money on avocado toast, then so be it (in reality I don't have time to go to cafes or when I do I'm too lazy to go, so it's comfier having not as pretty avo toast at home plus watching Netflix/YouTube). Yay for GoT starting again! #couchpotatolyf

Can't believe sem 2 starts next week. Back to the daily grind of lectures, prices, assignments and exams. Even though I've been going to uni during holidays for research, it's relatively less pressure if we can't finish everything, well more like it's going to be physically impossible to do everything unless we are at uni 24/7. I now understand why researchers are at uni from morning to evening and also on weekends. It's going to be like high school all over again. Different people and trying to make new friends even though everyone has their own 'groups'. I am probably one of the most anti-social person you know, and so bad at socialising (probs another reason I still single lol). I am ceebs most of the time, but I know I need friends to survive the course/life. At least they grouped us all together.... Eternally grateful for the G8s (:

Told myself to study right from the beginning of the year, but my notes have remained unfiled since last year...Time went fast from Feb to now, from travel, research, relatives over + travel, research then travel again and research, It just dragged on from Nov-Jan, which I now sort of regret in hindsight and should have listened to other people and got out of the house to do more things. I also sort of regret for not taking care of myself these past few years, and probs will regret more as I age...Oh gosh, getting so old already...I actually have a list of things to make and places to hike, which obviously didn't end up getting touched...Sometimes I complain about being too busy, but I like how busy passes the time and decreases the pain.

I think it's taken me 22 years to maybe be 'over' birthdays. I used to be sure excited and planned cake and everything at least a month in advance, and where I would like to eat etc and all the free food. Now I just kind of ceebs ordering a cake because I'm quite behind on the dessert scene in Sydney. Actually there's a few places I would like to try, but impossible to bring back home a cake, and those places only do small cakes. Then there is one cake I want but I need to invite a million people to eat it since that's the smallest size it comes in, so ceebs. Birthdays are a good excuse for catch ups though... Presents are fun when you're young, but tbh, I don't want things as much these days compared to 'experiences'. I ceebs getting free bday food for once, a massive difference from first year where I got at least 10 things in one day... Decided to just be boring and work on my birthday and dinner at home. Need that money to pay for travel, well save up for next trip but probably won't be in the near future after spontaneously going to the other side of the world this year.


  1. Haha I'm mostly over birthdays too - too lazy to do something at my place because that means I need to clean up. But my favourite thing about my birthday is that I can get most of my friends in the same place, and they get to meet each other!
    I also feel similarly regarding presents, especially since I work.

  2. Gosh, a $5.00 pay drop is heaps. I'm glad you're out and doing things now though! :)