Thursday, July 27, 2017

French earl grey hot choc-$4.50

The other day I had this hot choc, which obviously didn't looks as fancy as the ones they show online because they only put a tiny bit of fairy floss on it. The petals did make the drink smell more fragrant, but this is probably one of the most disappointing drinks I've ever had. It just tasted like hot milk. It wasn't even frothed that well or like a silky/smooth milk. Couldn't taste the tea flavour or the usual sweetness from a hot choc. I much prefer T2's french earl grey tea, which I can probably make a better version of it at home with my cheap milk frother but better quality milk. I initially wanted the truffle hot choc ($9) but probs won't get it since their hot choc was just hot milk. Price wise for a hot choc in the city is ok, just an extra $4.50 for like a slice of truffle is a bit more like do I really need this?

Some people question what I do with my time. Well for one thing, stuck calling Apple Support and ultimately they're just like reinstall OS X. It's been a year, but I can never connect to my home wifi without putting the password connects automatically to other networks.... Before I went overseas, also spent a good 4 hours calling Telstra....

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  1. Oh dearie, this brings back memories of being on the line with Centrelink...