Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cuppa Flower

I really love this concept of a flower cafe, where you can buy flowers and then also have food. Coming back from Japan, they have the best flower cafe with fresh flowers everywhere, but Japan has better everything pretty much. For Sydney standards, this cafe has pretty good decor and atmosphere.

food spread 

They added flowers to the table cause they saw me taking photos lol. They normally do put flowers, just was probably a bit slow to start the day. They were real, but weren't really fragrant.

fresh flowers

wish I could afford a fresh bunch at home

cake cabinet, I'm told these are only for dine in customers, as they sell out fast.

Japanese chiffon cake ft Totoro-$5

They're so cute!

Nice and light, wish I could make my chiffon cakes rise as high. Green tea wasn't as flavourful as the black sesame one, but both weren't that sweet which is always a plus.

Green tea latte (small)-$4.20

This is one of the prettiest coffee art I've ever seen, flower art to match the flower cafe! Tasted alright as well, not too sweet cause I prefer a more bitter green tea latte.

Ricotta pancakes w/ mixed berries, ricotta cheese, marscapone, maple syrup-$18.80

Love all the colours on this pancake board, makes everything super vibrant. The pancakes weren't the fluffiest or the biggest, but I really loved the added marscapone and berries to go with it, and ricotta to add some more creaminess. Didn't add the maple syrup since there was already some sweetness from the berry sauce, although I liked how they gave you a honey serving utensil.

Cuppa Flower Benedict: beetroot and potato rosti, bacon (or ham), 2 poached eggs, avocado, hollandaise sauce-$18.50 


First time seeing beetroot rosti so decided to order it. The beetroot doesn't really add flavour, just more colour. The rosti wasn't fried in too much oil. Eggs cooked perfectly with an oozy yolk. I thought this dish was worth the price. You get a choice between bacon or ham, and also decent side of avo. I love the addition of an edible flower to help fit in with the whole cafe theme. 



Come here before lunch on a weekday and don't have to deal with long weekend lines. Food and service was really pleasant. I do have to admit if anyone goes to Tokyo, Aoyama Flower Cafe is a must go, cafe filled with flowers everywhere and just smells amazing.

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  1. Aoyama Flower Cafe is amazing!!

    There's another really cute flower cafe (Mattaniah) in Lidcombe but the food isn't really great - it's just a nice setting.