Friday, July 28, 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes

Friday night movie, originally going with Dad but he had to make a last minute trip to Melb, so couldn't go. My dad normally falls asleep in action movies, but he really loves the Ape movies. There was quite a bit of humour but quite sad as well. I found there was less of a storyline but a lot more intense than the others. It's rated quite highly though from reviews. The CGI is pretty good though, can really see how they've gone older. I didn't really like this sort of movies until recently they showed the first 2 on tv and I quite like the whole apes vs human thing.

Tickets were so cheap, only $10 (plus $1.25 booking fee per ticket just to get an extra 25 points), but pretty much 2 tickets for the price of an adult. The movie only came out yesterday, not sure why they suddenly had a special for Towers.  I also wonder when they are going to activate the boom gates...goodbye to unlimited free parking, probably the last big shopping centre car park in Sydney to get paid parking...

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