Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Zumbo Cakes

Another collection of Zumbo Cakes! I have been holding off this post until I could try more cakes/macarons from Zumbo.

Yuzu Say Cheese: Friable biscuit base, fluffy baked Japanese cheesecake, yuzu cream cheese mousse, yuzu glaze and vanilla chantilly.

Surprisingly not sweet and quite light for a cheesecake. The yuzu flavour was subtle but did come through. I found that the glaze/jelly on the top had more yuzu flavour.

Bagingernana: Gingerbread sponge, tonka caramel, banana caramel brulee, banana caramel chantilly, roasted hazelnuts and passionfruit gel.

Nice hit of gingery flavours which reminded me of ginger bread. Banana flavour here was a bit more subtle within the cake, but could taste it in the chantilly. Overall not that sweet as well if you avoid having the pieces of chocolate. Really enjoyed the flavours in this.

Thanks to JB Hi-5 for sharing the cakes with us (:

Zumbarons: New York Passionfruit Cheesecake, Yuzu-$2.80 each

Goodbye the days of being one of the cheapest macarons in Sydney at $2.50, although it's still relatively cheap or on par with other patisseries/cafes. Got a fav of mine, since Happy Apple hasn't had Zumbo desserts before until today. Nice passionfruit flavour through it. The yuzu one was quite nice as well, definitely could taste it in the ganache.

Blueberry and Coconut: Moist coconut and blueberry cake with coconut ganache, blueberry gel and a pate friable base-$27.50


Cake 1 of Dandelion's cakes/present. This cake was a bit denser than expected, but it had a lovely coconut flavour throughout and was still moist as described. Was expecting a bit more blueberry flavour in it though. The base was like a hard sort of biscuit as expected with a pate friable, just made it a bit difficult to cut into smaller pieces.



This set of macarons were a lot different compared to Zumbaron Day, gifted by a relatives relative. My faith in Zumabrons have been restored. These were definitely a lot fresher, or even made in the morning. The shell had a good crunch with a soft and slightly chewier inside. None of the shells were hollow. Even after having them a day after, they still gave a nice 'crunch' when you bit into the shell. This made me think, the macarons on Zumbaron Day had to be made well over 2 days in advance, or they ran out of proper storage spaces, so even if they made it 2 days prior, some flavours just died on the day when I ate it....

Salted butter caramel on toast: nicely salted inside and that slight burnt flavour in the shell to give a 'toasted' flavour was balanced well.
Malt milkshake: love how you can taste the malt and the gold dust sprinkled on it gives it a nice shimmer.
Toasted marshmallow: I've also had this before, but can't go wrong. More on the sweet side though.
Milo: not explanation needed
Salted butter popcorn: I've had this a few times, since one of my faves. Love the popcorn on the outside, and thicker ganache/cream inside with the right amount of salt/butter flavour.
Ultimate brownie: The ganache is like when you like the wooden spoon of brownie batter. Definitely quite rich and sweet option.
Adriano Zumbo Patisserie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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