Monday, May 8, 2017

Pink Diamonds

A week of spontaneity. I tagged along to get free coffee after uni since my uncle needed to pick up something, and because coffee at hotels cost 3x normal price, so I thought why not...Just something like coffee ended up with me coming home with a 4 figure invoice, but first...


 THIS RING IS $500 000+

I've never held/worn something so expensive in my life. Like can you imagine how much $500k would look like in cash? It's not even a deposit for a house, you can actually buy a house, well apartment these days in Sydney...

They even have a whole chart to grade all the different colours. They come in different tones and obviously the pinker it is and bigger the whole diamond, the more expensive it is. My uncle's friends diamond was quite a high quality of pink, in 2009 it was $7k, now 8 years later it has inflated to $31000+. I didn't even have a job back then so obviously could not invest in diamonds...

It was sort of a spur in the moment decision. They brought out this super simple yet classic pendant featuring one pink diamond, and it was beautiful. So I ended up purchasing a pink diamond in a necklace as an investment piece to wear. Mostly these super luxurious stuff end up being family heirlooms. 

I just can't believe how that diamond can jump 4x it's price in a short amount of time. My diamond was super tiny, and not as pink, but still a good level of pink, so it won't inflate as much. The main thing which pushed me is that the only place with natural diamonds in the Argyle Mine in Western Australia doesn't have many left, with the last diamonds to be found in 2018 and mines are going to close in 2020. 

You can fit a whole year's worth of pink diamonds that they mined in WA in the palm of your hands. So little but so valuable and time consuming. No other place in the world have pink diamonds, so it was really yolo and fomo. There literally is a limited quantity in the world, and majority have been hoarded by rich people and royals.

Natural pink diamonds are different since they think they were formed from the pressure of the earth forming. Cheaper pink diamonds which still aren't cheap but still not as expensive as real pink have colours from trace elements or they heat it so it's pink or it's just man made. The most expensive is red which you cannot buy since there are no more red diamonds left on Earth apart from family heirlooms which people will never sell. To put it into perspective, a 0.02 carat of decent pink 5P, cost $2000. It's literally a tiny speck. It makes Tiffany and Hermes jewellery seem cheap. Those elaborate Tiffany engagement rings aren't even custom made and are typically mass produced. Even if it costs $50 000 which is expensive it's still 'cheap' compared to one simple ring with a pink diamond.

Everything at Celleija is customer made, so I still have to wait for it since I wanted a slightly bigger diamond compared to the one they were selling at the shop. I was planning to spoil myself and invest in a handbag (cough, one famous canvas bag...LV...) but those still depreciate in value unless you get a Chanel (but $7000+) and you still have to take care of it even when you're not using it. Diamonds are a lot less maintenance, and even though my pink diamond is a speck, hoping it'll appreciate in value since there not gonna be any left in the world....unlike bags you can keep making....

FYI it's the most expensive thing I've purchased (actually only left a deposit, but still). It wasn't even a special occasion. It cost more than a return ticket to Europe and America. Pretty much 2 holidays, hence no more holidays at the end of the year...Quite a lot of my friends are already in full time work and pretty sure saving for a home deposit, then there's me saving some but spending more yet earning less...Tbh, if I can afford something like this, my full time friends must have loads of money in their savings....Time to not go out and eat to save that money.

57 yellow diamonds

black diamonds with 18carat gold (or something fancy). even black is so shiny

The same necklace with a black diamond is half the price of the pink diamonds. Diamonds also come in blue, violet (which are just as rare but still available to purchase, only at diamond exclusive events. Apparently for every 25million carat rough cut diamonds, only one single blue or violet diamond is produced. Then there's pink champagne and your typical white. 

Yes, I learnt a lot about something which wasn't even on my 'wish list' today.

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