Monday, May 22, 2017

I think I may have said this before, but I sort of understand those people who can have a decent income + freebies through just by posting photos mainly on Instagram, or blogging, or youtubing. Those things are actually quite time consuming, and I guess if they make good content, companies like it and will pay you. I do all these things for a hobby, but I wouldn't have that extra creativeness or skills even if it's to keep up a proper food blog. If I was to do a proper food blog post, it'll take around 2 hrs (incl procrastination), normal place 30min-1hr since it takes a while to go through and upload pics. Like I still have over 15 places to blog about, and never ended blogging about travels because selecting the photos to upload, going through photos/receipts to see the prices of what I ate, well I kind of ceebs, even though I'm not full time uni, somehow research has become full time...Haven't been this stressed about uni for a while...

I used to not be picky when uploading photos on Insta, but then I realised it's kind of fun just slightly editing photos (I am still against filters though...). I also learnt what a pod on Insta is, never knew they existed lol.

Although one day I do hope to post more travel stuff haha, maybe in the summer holidays LOL. In a non realistic world, getting paid whilst getting freebies is #goals.

Yes, struggling to finish this literature review in time. Don't judge, I have somehow preoccupied myself that I don't have time to watch full eps of MasterChef some days...

Also, just discovered End Note today. Why did I not know about this? Why did they not teach or tell us about this in first year uni. I feel like my life referencing assignments has been a lie all this time. It took me a few hours to actually get it working on my Mac, but damn is it useful. I feel like this is going to be me and SPSS later this year...Difference is that they did teach us SPSS, just no one understood it.

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