Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wooden Bowl

On a hot summer's day, cold Korean noodles are perfect to help cool down (it's now Autumn, and I love the colder months→ kbbq and hot pot!)

Soybean cold noodle soup+peanut butter-$13
Special black bean sauce noodles-$11
Japchae: potato noodle with beef and vegetable-$29

I was disappointed there were only 3 sides and it didn't seem like they offer refills. The soybean was very interesting, first time having something like that. I'm not a big fan of the soybean taste which has a bit of saltiness to it. Completely different to a soybean drink. The black bean sauce noodles were the highlight-love that sauce which wasn't overly seasoned. It tasted like black bean but better than the black bean Chinese paste. I found the Japchae to be lacking beef, and was more on the small side for the price. Probably a bit too many veggies than noodles. I can have veggies at home, but when I order this I want more noodles pls.

Original fried chicken (half)-$18

The chicken came with the other salt/spice to dip in, but I found that the chicken itself was already heavily salted. It didn't have the crunchy batter compared to other KFC (korean fried chicken). Chicken was a tad dry in parts, probably below average (not that I've had many KFC before since I actually try to avoid deep fried meats because it's so unhealthy).

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  1. Interesting that they had peanut butter with Korean cuisine!

    I also really like lots of vegetables in japchae! It's rare that they give you lots because it takes time to prep them.