Wednesday, March 8, 2017

'Youth of Today'

Did not realise how unfit I have become after non regular exercise since I quit dancing 2 years ago. I really do respect those strong women (both physically and mentally since today is our day) and they are over 40 but have so much strength. A reason I want to become stronger is when I go travelling, it's easier to lug my suitcase around. Especially in Paris where there are minimal lifts and it's too dangerous to ask someone to help in case they steal your stuff...Today people my age were just struggling unlike the older women, which is quite ironic because you're supposed to be more fit when you're young. 

Someone should have told me a few months ago that to get over depression, just keep yourself busy every hour of every day. Somehow jam packed my diary a bit too much, need to get out of holiday mode because there is still work to be done...

Still have to finish going through Europe photos and many blog posts still to do...

Time spent visiting friends houses (and their pets).

Border Collies: Cookie and Cream

Kitten: Little One

I really respect those people who save animals from RSPCA. This kitten was rescued from the shelter, and even though I've never been a cat person, this one makes me like them more.

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  1. Animals!

    Also I wonder what our bodies will be like when we're 40 :/