Thursday, March 2, 2017

Smelly Cheesecake

I love all these dessert places popping up, especially when there's cake!


Blueberry cheesecake-$8

Good blueberry flavour without being too artificial. It wasn't too dense either and the pastry wasn't too buttery or crumbly. I quite liked this relatively lighter cheesecake.

Matcha souffle-$10.40

This is no way a proper souffle, but I guess what they're trying to say is a lighter/fluffier cake. Souffles to me are always made to order in their own pots. This tasted like a Japanese Cheesecake since it was quite fluffy. Good matcha hit, and suitable for those who don't really like the bitter matcha. Probably more towards the expensive side for something this size (but 100x easier than making it yourself since all you gotta do is pay and eat and not worry about buying ingredients, prep, over whipping egg whites, baking and washing up like my most recent baking adventure...)


Friends weren't brave enough to try the 'Smelly Cheesecake' which is essentially made of blue cheese. I don't mind smelly cheese since once you get past the smell it's more about the taste.

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  1. Cheesecake <3 They all look so good! Lidcombe actually has many really cute cafes! The Koreans do it well :)