Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Shed

I've actually passed through this place multiple times at my local shops but never stopped by since they mostly have sandwiches/wraps which are relatively expensive and something that I can make at home (just missing the presentation). They are a franchise though, since I've seen they're at multiple shopping centres.

Topped Toast. Smashing Morning: Pumpkin, poached egg, fetta, herbs, dukkah, sumac, greens, pomegranate w/ quinoa bread-$9.90

Tbh, I can make this at home, minus the fetta and dukkah which I don't have (not that there was a lot of dukkah there to begin with). The egg was poached normally, but wasn't a nicely poached shape (which I can also do at home and looks like the one above). Probably had a bit too much salt on the greens but the pumpkin was really sweet which helped. I don't think I'll pay for a piece of toast again in an open shopping centre cafe, but trying things outside can help me make stuff similar to this at home. 

Large cappuccino: $4.20

Coffee was a tad bit burnt, so it was more bitter than normal. I don't a strong bitter coffee (plus milk), just not that burnt after taste.

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  1. Ah I've been here! I had the acai smoothie though!

    It always looks so packed but I think I'll pick other places if I have coffee, going off your review!