Friday, March 10, 2017

ADELE Live 2017-Sydney


Adele was absolutely amazing! Definitely worth paying to watch her live. She's one of those artists who sound better live than on recording. 

Set list:
  1. Hello (going to the concert because mainly of this song, jks, but it's my fav)
  2. Hometown Glory
  3. One and Only
  4. I'll Be Waiting
  5. Rumour Has It
  6. Water Under the Bridge
  7. I Miss You
  8. Skyfall (and this song because I am secretly a Bond fan)
  9. Don't You Remember
  10. Make you feel my love (Bob Dylan Cover)
  11. Send My Love (to Your New Lover)
  12. Sweetest Devotion
  13. Chasing Pavements
  14. Take It All
  15. Set Fire to the Rain (literally with fireworks, another fav)
16. When We Were Young
17. Rolling in the Deep (and another fav)
18. Someone like you (another fav)

    I love Adele because her vocals are so strong, filled with so many emotions, and she is just so REAL! It;s just pure Adele and her songs.  That voice was just amazing to hear (obviously words can't describe it lel), plus her jokes were to die for.

    She's not the typical artist who skinny, long legged, dance+sing, amazing sets talented back up dancers plus a large band. Don't get me wrong, Tay Tay is super talented and was perfect with her singing and dancing which is hard to do live together, but Adele just shows that you don't have to be what social media defines as 'normal' to be successful.

She will talks to the whole 95440 people like they're her friends and doesn't care about appearance. Accidentally tripping, almost crying because someone needed medical help, restarting a song and spoiling that there were fireworks, messy hair don't care, sticking her microphone in her bra, telling some behind the scenes of her music videos, plus many other quotes from the note (which I'm sure the media have already covered) just shows her personality and feels like you know her without meeting her. Loved her unique 360deg stage, and I think she equally face each side lol.

(didn't buy a shirt because I don't think I'll wear it)



Make you feel my love

Sweetest devotion

Set fire to the rain


cutest confetti ft quote songs

For those who don't know, I'm actually that weird person who doesn't listen to music apart from radio music. The first concert I wanted to go to was Delta Goodrem but I was too young (and no money), so didn't go. My first concert was Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour, but that was super last minute thanks to a lovely friend who sold me a A reserve ticket 2 hours before the concert started for a super cheap price. So this is technically my first anticipated 'full price' concert (or my 2nd concert). From what I've heard, normal concert tickets are around $100 for B/C reserve. Adele is almost double every other single artist. C reserve at $160 compared to Tay Tay A reserve $150. C reserve you can still see Adele but when you zoom in to take a photo, she's not that clear vs A reserve can take a clear photo of Tay Tay. Tbh I'm there for her voice, and she can still here it from C reserve. Both were completely different, and amazing in their own ways. Just Adele is better live.

She had these balloon/ball things during Rumour Has It, but the wind kept blowing them left so it got congested on one side of the stadium, and from where we sat, only 3 balls went over us but I didn't manage to touch it...I did manage to catch some quotes confetti (but not coloured confetti). I liked her T-shirt gun, too bad I was too far away from a signed shirt. She even included $20 in it lol. She also gave a person in the very back row at the top a signed letter.

I guess it's not your typical type of concert with the mosh pits, which obviously you do not expect from Adele. More 'mature aged; people went, i.e. more grandparents, couples, adults, a lot less children/twelvies (probably unlike Bieber next week). It was a lot more calmer concert with everyone just really absorbing her voice and feels. Everyone sat down in the tiers, occasionally one/two stood up but luckily no one in front of me. If we sat on the ground, I think people would block your view even if distance wise it's closer, but I'm short which makes the tied seating better. 

My friend managed to get tickets to the first night, but I'm glad she did a second show rather than people scalping tickets cause that's not fair. Also means 95000 don't miss out since both concerts were sold.

The train station was indeed packed, but we got there around 6.30pm, and seated around 7pm it was still pretty empty. Apparently at 7.30pm which was supposed to start on time, it was still 65% empty so she delayed so more people came before she started at 8:15pm. Leaving was surprisingly efficient, only 10min walk out then luckily my gate was near the side of the bus bays, and a lot of buses compared to Taylow Swift. They had free transport included in the ticket, so they really did want people to use it.

Thanks for coming to Aus!10 years later is better than never.

Post concert withdrawal symptoms. Currently listening to Adele on repeat.

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  1. She's so real, I love her!!!!! If she ever comes back to Australia, I will make her concert my first!