Monday, March 20, 2017


For those who don't know, I finally made a new Instagram just for food @Elisa_Eats (shameless insta plug). Will be spamming a lot more food pic rather than desserts on my main @its_eliiisa

I have somehow pre-occupied myself so that I'm going out everyday. I guess it's good to not be stuck at home and be productive. Still haven't gone through all my photos yet, or done any of my back log of posts. I think research helps if your supervisor responds quickly, since you save time. I have so many places to eat, but weirdly I don't have enough time. I should actually start studying stuff to keep my brain active.

Did the craziest thing by waking up at 6am for Zumbaron Day which aligned with World Macaron Day yesterday. I feel like macaron day was made just for me lel. More on that later (hopefully).

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