Thursday, March 9, 2017

Won Jo

Quick lunch passing through since I was craving Korean sides. They have quite a wide variety of rice dishes/soup to choose from, but didn't try their kbbq.

Stone pot bibimbap with beef and egg-$16.50

I love how it came in a sizzling bowl, which made the bottom bits of rice nice and crunchy. Good serving size with a variety of fresh veggies. I'm glad I got normal beef instead of bulgogi since you can use the side dishes to give the rice/beef flavour. I can appreciate how people flavour their rice by eating it with kimchi. I guess this kimchi wasn't too spicy if I could eat it (or my chilli tolerance has increased lol).

Jelly stuff, veggies, tofu/something paste, some other tofu thing and kimchi

I actually have no idea about korean cuisine apart from meat and kimchi. No idea what the sides were but they were all nice. Just the white jelly stuff with some sesame oil(?) was a bit too much for one person to finish, kind of felt quite bloated towards the end after eating that side dish.

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