Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Friends and Pasta

dead after 4 hours of diseases today (plus more on the bus), but nothing still going in my head ):

met up with the lovely Dandelion today! 1 hour just isn't enough.

finding there's not enough time to study (even though i watched avenger 2 yday, and pitch perfect 2 the week before). i had to watch them, since almost everyone has seen it, and i know i won't be able to focus on my studies if i keep thinking about movies to watch...also yesterday i had (full price) Cha time honeydew milk tea (30% ice, 80% sugar) w/ sago-exactly the same as my friend since i wanted to try something new. it's actually quite nice and not too sweet. i think i still prefer the chewiness from the pearl though.

finally tried the pasta at uni today! it took me till my third year of uni to try it. they used to come in square boxes, but now in cylindrical cardboard containers.

Romana: eggplant, bacon, mushroom, peas, pink sauce w/ spaghetti-$12

they make it fresh on the spot, so it was steaming hot when you eat it. even though i don't like eggplant, the taste was disguised by the sauce. pasta wasn't too creamy/cheesy and heaps filling (didn't manage to finish it). there wasn't heaps of toppings in it, but i guess it's decent for this type of standard. the pasta itself was cooked al dente, which is pretty good for uni food.

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  1. I love that you can meet up with friends at UNSW. It sounds great :)