Friday, May 15, 2015

overwhelmed (already)

feeling pretty crap this week. getting 2/3 mid sem results back. one was alright, the other was horribly fail (so, so bad) which means i have to do super good in the 60% finals to pass the course, which is already hard enough by itself. can't memorise all these diseases. i have so much respect for doctors-trying to learn diseases for the whole body, and differentiating them from each other. the disease course for this sem is apparently a lot easier than next sem since this one is the "outside" eye, whilst diseases inside the eye next sem all look the same, and even harder to differentiate ): my brain can't handle this, but i know i must try harder.

feeling overwhelmed as well. monday night i watched pitch perfect and i highly recommend it. loved their song choices, and so funny on different levels. tuesday finally had a night where i watched master chef, wednesday night went to Plus (our uni group at church). thursday night helped out w/ stuff at uni and stayed behind. pizza's came 1/2hr later than expected, so didn't get home until late. also had to drop into work to help out w/ something since the Manager couldn't attach an email..i guess i couldn't say no since he was like 'you live close' i.e. 'you can drop by after uni to help me' friday night had to take mum somewhere, and just so much traffic everywhere. i don't think i can live around lane cove/macquarie/eastwood/epping/carlingford/north ryde/ryde/beecroft/roselea area. whole gridlock of traffic everywhere even though i tried taking small roads. maybe on public transport it's better, but just cars everywhere, so 1.5hrs stuck in traffic...hence the overwhelmingness of not being able to study. i had to go to have drinks today at macquarie and watch a movie on monday to 'relax', but haven't been able to study at home ): thanks Dandelion for your polaroid! nature is good (:

because my brother and i need exam food...

we still have a crazy stash of junk food from New Zealand/America/HK (and even canadian snacks) from last i'm not quite sure why my mum bought so much....going to get so fat =/ 

feel like there's nt enough time to study-and i only watched half an ep of master chef this week, so I can't blame it on watching tv....

week 10 has legit been one of the fastest weeks, first week of no exams/hw/assignments due. so weird...

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