Sunday, May 3, 2015

Facing Fear

i was kind of feeling bogged down with uni/work/other stuff, and was planning to skip church today, but so glad i went. there sermon was about fear, and it was a really good reminder to not have fear. whether it be a fear of failure (which is probably highest on my list), to fear of not getting married, fear of not having a stable life, and other deeper these times, we have the love of God and we can know and rely on his love for us to over come the fear put into us. as a child of God, we are no longer a slave of fear.

this is easier said than done (obviously), but i have to consciously remember to not be afraid of failure, and that everything is already set out in God's plan (although this doesn't mean to slack off and not study...still feeling screwed yet unmotivated to study environmental optom-it is such a dry subject learning about how sitting straight is actually bad for you etc etc)

anyways, made budget today at work, so the manager told me i could get a coffee. 4pm is too late for coffee, so i got a coconut dark hot choc from Oliver Brown. it was a good amount of coconut. the other week i had a mint dark hot choc, and the mint was in more of a sweet mint than 'refreshing' mint...

everyone is going to Japan. a constant stream of my relatives. first my uncle (who travels constantly, and his home in HK is more like a hotel), then my cousin and his gf, another uncle, another cousin, another aunt/uncle, and they are planning another family trip to Japan later this year. they have had at least 2 massive family trips, and it just looks so fun with so many relatives. even my grandparents went which means things were done at a leisurely pace, but it's so rare to travel with grandparents...too bad i have uni ): actually, my main reason for going to Tokyo is that Dominique Ansel (the inventor of the cronut) is opening a 3 story bakery there, which is amazing, and is a first of its kind. last week he opened another store in NYC where 'time is an ingredient' and when you order stuff, they assemble/make it in less than 2 minutes. i really like him as a chef since you can actually see him working at the bakery every single day and his creations are always the first of its kind. compared to like Zumbo which he has expanded, but i've never seen him in the kitchen. in hindsight, i don't think I would have had time to go to both of Dominique's bakeries if he opened it last year, but  hopefully in the future when I go America again i can try the other bakery with a super cool concept.

i think we kind of all new that kate would have a girl, and she is going to be one very spoilt princess. still don't understand how kate can wear a dress and heels, and leave the hospital 10 hours after giving birth. 100% sure the doctors would be waiting back at her home/palace.

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  1. I'm encouraged by your faith in going to church! It's really difficult to. Something that has encouraged me is Luke 12. I recently read it with a non-Christian friend, had a Bible study on it last week and co-lead the Bible study on it with the first years today, and I'm going to a conference-type-meeting on it this Saturday. It really reminds me that the Kingdom of God is what we're seeking, and that God knows exactly what we need. If He takes care of there ravens and the lilies, how much more will He take care of us?