Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rasa Delights

A new place in Eastwood has popped up on the Korean side, near the building with Aldi inside. I used to go Eastwood often when I was younger when I lived around there, but now I hardly go, and so many new places to eat are being opened. The last time I went to the Aldi in Eastwood, there was nothing there except Aldi. 

We hardly ever eat out as a family, but since my brother finally got a job, he shouted dinner (also it was Mother's Day, and I shouted high tea earlier in the day-yep, this this post is quite delayed.)

There isn't a lot of variety in the Malaysian/Hong Kong fusion menu, and I can't say it's super cheap Asian food, but I guess they did open just only 2 months ago, so hopefully they'll add to it overtime. It was also a family friend's friend's new startup business (he actually has another day time job, but felt like opening a restaurant).



Laksa fish balls (4pcs-my dad was too hungry hence 3 in the pic)-$3
drinks: homemade lemonade-$3.50, teh tarik (cold)-$3

I really like their laksa since it's just the right amount of spiciness for me, which means for most of you it won't be spicy at all. the lemonade was average, and I would have liked a stronger flavour in the teh tarik. Couldn't see it being 'pulled' like you do at Mamak and other similar places. I have the exact drinking jars at home.

Laksa w/ king prawns-$14.80, spring rolls-$6.80
Loved the laksa, and there were about 5-6 massive prawns in there, was expecting less. The spring rolls weren't too oily but still had a crunch.

Also ordered the Hainan chicken w/ coconut rice-$13.80, chicken wasn't too fatty and still had good flavour. The Nasi Lamek w/ Lemongrass Pork Cutlet-$13.80 was probably the most disappointing. The pork cutlet was really small and since it was deep fried, the lemongrass flavour wasn't as prominent. Last time my parents brought home the lemongrass deep fried chicken wings, they had heaps of flavour, maybe because it was smaller. They don't use MSG here, which is a plus.

Har Mee Soup-combo of egg and rice noodles in prawn based stock, thin slice of pork, prawns, egg and kang kung (asian veggies)-$14.80

This looks like an average bowl of noodles, but the stock was so full of flavour! You can definitely taste the prawn base soup in it, and has a tiny bit of spice. This was my favourite of the night. It's also interesting to have a combination of noodles in one bowl.

Egg Waffles! $3 (takeaway only)

Definitely my new go-to place for HK style egg waffles if I ever miss authentic HK ones. There are some places in Chinatown in the city, but some of them aren't as authentic. This place is definitely fresh, crunchy shell and soft on the inside. It's about the same price as HK, and it's also a bit bigger than you average HK egg waffle. Yay for fresh egg waffles closer to home!

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