Thursday, April 24, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

this is probably the most hypocritical break/holiday i've ever had. not going to spoil anything, but it was kind of a spontaneous thing. got $10 tickets, not my usual $8/9 ones ): but the times are really inconvenient compared to $10 where you can choose whenever you want. the cinema was quite full, mostly filled with guys and their dads.

it's pretty good (: has it's funny bits, intense, action etc. not hard to follow (i'm really slow in movies in case you didn't know). and i really like the actor/captain america.

went to uni today to practice. i think i got the concepts sorted, i just hope to don't forget, or i don't get a dodgy machine. there's a few machines in some bays which are really hard to use/old. like sometimes finding the on switch is harder than finding the measurements.

is it even legal to make 8am starts and 6pm finishes? everyone has to start at least once at 8am next sem, or if you don't choose that group, then you end up with two 6pm finishes. i never thought i'd say this, but 8sm starts seem better than two 6pm and three 5pm finishes...but 8am D= well, let's hope traffic is good in the morning and i can actually get to uni in less than 1.5 hours instead of 2 hours...which technically means i just have to leave the house 30mins earlier than i normally do...

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