Saturday, April 26, 2014

some thoughts in between a last minute cram/study/finish stuff before uni kills me weekend.

there's this instagrammer, i've met her once or twice at camp, and i think some of you know her...anyways, the first time i met her, she was one of those people who you remember-tall/skinny and so fashionable!

not stalking her or anything...but i just wonder how do people make so many connections? like working at designer clothing labels, and attending things like MBFW...then she's so creative in terms of art and flat lays. she does go to cofa, but still...everything photo contains so many brands...every top, skirt, handbag, shower gel much money spent at a young age...then again, probably half of her things get sponsored.

actually, two of my primary school friends have become part time models. they both live about a street away from me, but i need to re-make connections hehe...they get so many perks.

i don't think i mentioned this, but i'm kind of a royal fan. i don't follow them, but i do think it's cool that they bothered to come down. if i wasn't busy, i would totally try to take a photo of/with them. love kate's dresses, but i never would be able to pull them off since i'm so short ): nor do i have the money or i would never be willing to spend $4000+ on a dress. but it's nice to see her wear some Sydney designer labels. another note, you don't need someone to tell you to know prince George is spoilt rotten. snatching other children's toys at his play date, and if you compare him to other children of his age, he is really big and fat for his age. both his parents are tall, but i just feel like he would outgrow them.

i have a rich friend (rich as in single child rich, because 90% of the time, they are rich) who turned 21 the other day, but she didn't throw a 21st. instead, her bf took her to a top restaurant in sydney...which got me thinking, am i bothered to have a 21st? i mean i love parties, but if not having a 21st means i can save about $2k+ and save it for the future isn't a bad 2nd option. my mum was like, "don't have a party, i'll pay for any fine dining dinner you want to go to" (provided if i still don't have a bf then lolol). well sorry to disappoint mum, but if i have a 21st, well i think you'll be shouting the most expensive dinner yet...

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