Sunday, April 6, 2014

i think mid sems are slightly worse than finals. for finals, you don't have uni and a whole week to study. during mid sems, everything keeps going. we're expected to do our readings since they teach additional stuff which builds on from them, but don't even have time to read them/understand the concepts ): which is probably the only reason i want an iPad-to read pdfs on the bus, since i don't want to print out sections from textbooks, and taking out a laptop to read stuff isn't convenient.

i had a plan to get ben and jerry's ice cream on tues...but it doesn't work out anymore ): i was thinking of going early before my anat exam, but then it starts at 1pm. after my exam i have a 2 hour break, but since it starts at 1pm, i don't want to risk being late for my lab, and i still have to study for physiology. so i've decided it's not worth my study time. this lecturer has really bad notes. first half is just diagrams, and then the other topic has no diagrams but just inconsistent.

and yes, i have procrastinated a lot this weekend. i still have another visn test on friday, then visn mid sem next wed, and i end at 6pm on wed, which means i won't have a lot of time to study for the all important optom test next thurs 9am ): and all these random hurdles to do before mid sem break, and random quizzes in between...

i was talking to another optom on sat, and she said everything you learnt in first year/second thing you think is useless will hit you in 3rd/4th/5th year (except for graphs in maths...) so i guess i should put in more effort into studying and think "everything is useful" rather than "i'm learning about the eye, why do i have to know about the whole body?"

basically i spent my extra hour sleeping/playing/procrastinating, instead of study ))):

started playing on my phone on friday, perfected it by sunday #strongstudy

i can't wait to work on a public holiday! 2.5 times pay that day, hehe. even after tax etc, it'll be more than enough for a Heston dinner (:

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