Monday, April 28, 2014

traffic back home was so good today. until i got back home and realised my brother didn't go to school since it was that day where the teachers go, they don't so out of it, don't even know when they go to school anymore.

yay, got the papers i wanted. people are so keen..finding their papers during the break...

and managed to actually wake up at 6.30. now to wake up that early for the rest of the week and semester until July...

and that's where all the good things stop.

got our visn marks back. she said she marked "softly," yet average was 70%...and i was way below average ): i knew i did bad, but not that bad... and she's definitely marking hard during finals D=

and for rpc (radiometry, photometry, colorimetry) where it's like physics, maths, optics combined with negative and imaginary colours...the average mark for the whole cohort was a bit above pass, i.e.  average was low 50s D= i just hope i pass...finals for this half of a strand of a subject is open book, but it's because the formulas are humongous, never seen so many large formulas/graphs before, even more complicated than 1st year uni maths/physics imo...

i don't think i'll be able to keep up dancing for next year, it's getting to the point where it's time consuming ):

also, we got invited to a wedding, but it's during finals ): i really want to go...i love weddings!

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