Saturday, February 10, 2018

Winter Olympics 2018

Yay Olympics! How has it already been 2 years since Summer Olympics... Love watching the Olympics, and for winter, my favourite would defs be figure skating. It's just so elegant, and their costumes are amazing. It's held in some rural mountains in South Korea this year. Another reason winter Olympics is good since it's held during our summer, and beginning of the year is less busy, whereas normal Olympics is normally when we have exams/busy in August.

Korean kids are pretty cute, and there's quite a lot of nice synchronisation. They have heaps of newer technology lights/projections which seem more 3D. They have lights between each chair, so from a birds eye view, you can see different projections on the audience. The country name carrier ladies have really pretty costumes. I find it funny how they have seat warmers on the seats. The stadium is a lot smaller than the normal 400m track.

Fav part were the 1200 drones which formed a skateboarder then the Olympic rings-it's so cool! Like how do they not crash?

Had to Google why the order of countries are so weird and not in alphabetical order. Turns out Greece always comes out first since the first Olympics were first held there, and it's by the Korean alphabet, so Aus comes out last. Maybe Australia is sort of pronounced the Jap way with an O..? Host country always comes out last.

Interesting that Russia is banned cause of the whole doping scandal, and 'clean' Olympians compete under the Olympic flag, and team is called 'Olympic Athlete from Russia.' Also didn't realise Taiwan has to compete under 'Chinese Taipei' with a modified flag including the Olympic rings.

Those Scandinavian countries/northern countries/USA with real snow always are the strong winners, but it's still nice to see other non snow countries still compete. Aus still has a decent team.

Every time it's winter Olympics, I just think of Steven Bradbury winning Australia's first gold medal. A lesson to never give up.

Some countries just have one competitor and then 3 people behind who are coaches.

I know I should study, but Olympics are every 4 years so...


  1. I didn't google this btw, but korean has its own word for australia which is pronounced "hoju"

  2. I love the Steven Bradbury story!!!