Thursday, February 15, 2018


First time I had Pablo was in Tokyo last June, and it was amazing with the melted cheese inside. Japan also has heaps of flavours as well, where as the Sydney was mainly 3 flavours plus a special. They only do the cheesecake version in the bigger cakes instead of selling individual portions. Got the 3 mini tarts: matcha, original and white choc raspberry Christmas special.

Matcha-$4.50, original-$4.20, white choc raspberry-$4.50


look at that gap between the filling and the tart


The pastry is so ridiculously thick compared to Japan. I never got around to doing a Tokyo food blog post (since 6+meals a day would take me like 6 years at this rate lol), but I can guarantee Japan's once are a lot better in terms of technique and flavour, at least it's not like 0.5cm of pastry.

could have more matcha flavour

The inside didn’t have that ‘melting’ effect for the original flavour and the pastry is also a lot thicker than Japan. Normally if something from overseas comes to Aus, it’s generally not as good, like Tim Ho Wan with ridiculously thick pastry and close to no filling for Sydney BBQ pork buns.

The Pablo cheese tarts in Sydney just didn’t have the same taste or feel compared to overseas. They are ok, but not worth the $4+ price tag. Worth trying once in Sydney but multiple times (if I had time) in Japan. 


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  1. ;_; They look so good! We got some mini ones in Kyoto and it was nice!