Friday, February 9, 2018

Wild Sage

I normally figure out where I want to eat beforehand, but on this night spontaneously decide to come here to also try to avoid the rain. This new building in Barangaroo was built within months, since my bus goes past it every morning, and you can see the progress everyday. It's a nice half indoor/outdoor sort of restaurant, although not all their outdoor seating is fully covered so some of it gets wet outside. I love the floor to ceiling windows though since it allows natural light into the restaurant. Inside there aren't many seats, but they were kind enough to give us a bigger corner table.

food spread

One for the lady: Irresistable & Addictive. Rose petal infused vodka, pear brandy & pomegranate fused with fresh lime & vanilla. Served straight up in a classy martini glass-$18

I hardly ever order drinks when I eat out, apart from coffees, but alcohol is expensive so I normally don't order it. The cocktails in photos looked too pretty to pass this time round, so decided to share this drink. It was actually really delicious, it had a bit of sweetness from the fruits and the floral flavour wasn't too overpowering, yet you could still taste the vodka in it. Sometimes cocktails just taste like cocktails or juices, and you think if they even put any alcohol in it.

Pork belly lollipops with cabbage, daikon, pickled carrots, sesame seeds, shallots, chilli aioli-$16 

I love the sound of this on paper and thought it was very cute. You get 2 pieces per stick, so it is pricey, but so delicious. I don't normally eat the fat of pork belly at home, but I do if I eat out. The skin was crunchy and had decent chunks of meet. The sauce was a nice sticky yet not too sweet, and the chilli aioli helped give a mild kick to it. 

Slow cooked ox cheek with guinness beer, pickled carrot, dikon, pomegranate, crispy shallots, horseradish-$28


The ox cheek was cooked perfectly, and split really easily with a knife. It looks small but once you start digging in, it's pretty filling. Couldn't really taste the guinness beer since all the alcohol was probably cooked off already. The pickled carrots and other veggies helped to keep this dish light.

Black chicken: pepper, lemon grass, tamari & coriander chicken with green mango cabbage salad-$28

This sounded cool on paper but was more on the average side. I was thinking of it being really black like charcoal, but I guess the black is from the paper. Flavour wise, the chicken wasn't overly seasoned and cooked well. This dish was really fresh, but the salad does have quite a lot of acidity to it, so more of an acquired tasted.

open kitchen

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  1. You deserve to treat yourself to a cocktail once in a while, don't forget that or feel bad for it! God makes things for us to enjoy, too :)