Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Reflection

Around 20 blog posts behind, and probably won't get time to do them until like in 2 months time...

It's safe to say 2016 is/was my worst year yet. It started off with a bang travelling to Singapore with friends and swimming at Marina Bay Sands. Actually learnt a lot this year, just sucks can't put it into practice, which is pretty much wasted effort. I really wanted to be an optom peer mentor which I got into, and also got selected to go to NT for placement which was super fun as well. Again, have to say goodbye to any plans for next year. Phone died in September, another impending doom, but at least I had the money and privilege to buy another, legit the next morning. Pretty much died 3 times in Nov/Dec, emotionally, physically, and maybe a bit spiritually....Argh, slowly getting over just a mark or two away from passing that tiny 1/27th component in what I would call a fake practical and rigged test. I can list a lot of reasons why it's rigged-not included in my previous 2 rants. You know what I'll miss next year-my concession Opal. Another 💔 

Also living alone and first time ever I think I got food poisoning from outside food (not my cooking, since been too sick to eat) whilst balancing work in-between. Pretty sure you don't get a 3 day post-hangover. Just felt way too sleepy and normally I don't have naps. Ate something next minute....unless it was stomach flu or something, no idea how you tell the difference. On the other hand, living by yourself atm isn't too bad-just don't eat, or eat one meal a day. I'm not sure if it's because I'm still a bit down, or my stomach is a bit sick, or it's just too hot or it's everything combined but I can't have more than 2 meals a day. Or if I'm eating for the whole day, the day after I can't eat anything. Yep, body is screwed.

This year did also go downhill with family stuff, and also new neighbours moved in with a guy who studies music and is a frikken drummer. The house was not designed for this sort of stuff. I need to stop with the negativity. I guess I do question to God why all this happens to me. I still am waiting/hoping/listening for anything on WHY.

Christmas ham! no turkey this year...

I really don't like how everything is so commercialised. Christmas is all about gifts rather than the true meaning, that a Saviour is born. Also, the other day I saw an ad on a bus for Easter show tickets-like what?! Christmas only just finished.

Never going to drink 15 glasses of wine again. Although I see why people drink alcohol to try 'solve' their problems. It does make you feel less depressed. I think I'm just going to stick to my standard max 5 wines from now on....Everything was such a high quality though, kind of couldn't resist haha.

I know I definitely become more antisocial, or maybe it's just the unexpected turn of events that I would rather curl up in my own hole and not care what people think because it's fine being left alone. Only go to some outings/meet ups, but I know I should go to more. I think I'm in that stage of life where I'm happy to see people getting engaged or married, and even if I live alone for the rest of my life, at least I can #treatyoself everyday, and spend money on family and friends i.e. slowly giving up.

I'm still thankful for friends who I can rant to. 

Thanks Happy Apple for the macarons!

Kris Kringle was fun with 7/8, the highest number we've had in a while. Our high school group is notorious with missing each other by literally a day or two. Next time we all need to type out the names rather than hand write...

I've actually hardly worked at all so far these holidays, just only the last week of the year. I guess everyone I talk to tells me that it's ok to enter the working life a year later. Compared to other friends, some would've earned 3 years worth of money before I even step foot in a consulting room, which is a whole great deal. Then again, you only get one month of holiday compared to uni. It's times like these it's the time vs money situation-which is more valuable?

I feel too old to be braving the crowds and jam packed public transport to see the fireworks. Feeling too old for this.

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