Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Despite the busy-ness in all our lives, we managed to find a mutual time to watch the new Harry Potter film with the whole fam. I've always watched all the Harry Potter movies with my fam, so why not continue the tradition with this new era.

No spoilers here. I think the movie was alright, but was expecting more from it. Probably because I thought the Harry Potter series were really good, even though I didn't read the books until after the movies come out. This one didn't really have a major storyline, so not sure how they are gonna make four other movies. It was nice to see some magic though, and loved how it's set in NYC. Going out to the movies ain't cheap, but I managed to get 2 free tickets for the parents, and my bro and I got $10 cinebuzz student prices tickets #winning A full price adult ticket starts from $21...

Some of my shopping, yay Christmas! Pretty much been shopping in store/online for one too many days...

I missed out last year, so made sure I got one this year. It's so cute and pretty!

Non fattening advent calendar

why is there nothing for Christmas Day??

Super lovely evening with half of the G8s. Dandelion's puns were on a roll, and stalker shots so on point 👌 Had a full vegetarian dinner last night, and it was super delicious! (Again, post of that to come...hopefully before the end of the year lel). We need to do more hide and seek at train stations 😂


  1. That hide and seek was hilarious. And I'm glad you got the advent calendar! Excited to hear about what it has!

  2. My puns were on a roll, just like the pistachios on the kurtosh.
    Looking forward to you opening the advent calendar!